The Very Good Candle Making Kit
The Very Good Candle Making Kit
The Very Good Candle Making Kit

The Very Good Candle Making Kit

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With our candle making kit, we try to bring the workshop experience to you. This simple kit is a great way to spend time at home and get creative. Keeping true to our original workshops, not only will you make your own candle but you'll be able to create your own scent as well! You'll have a choice of 3 oils from our selection. We'll also send you step-by-step instructions, so you'll be taken through all the steps.

You'll be making a 170ml rapeseed wax candle which will burn around 50 hours or so.

We also add a label for you to name your candle.

The kit contains:
- 1 x how to manual
- 1 x pre-measured rapeseed wax
- 3 x selected essential / botanical fragrance oils
- 1 x amber glass jar
- 1 x gold aluminium lid
- 1 x cotton wick
- 1 x wooden peg
- 1 x pipette
- 1 x wooden stick
- 1 x product label
- 1 x safety label
- 20% discount code from our website

Selection of essential oils:

Sandalwood: Woody, sweet smell. Calming, reducing anxiety.
Amber: Sweet, earthy smell. Curbs depressing and promotes confidence.
Cedarwood: Woody, earthy smell. Improves focus and mental awareness.
Pine: Fresh, woody smell. Uplifting.
Orange: Sweet, citrusy smell. Energising yet relaxing.
Lemon: Citrusy smell. Refreshing yet calming.
Lemongrass: Lemony smell with earthy undertones. Relaxing and a great insect repellant. 
Grapefruit: Fresh citrusy smell. Energizing.
Eucalyptus: Clean, herbaceous smell. Soothes headache, promotes mental awareness. 
Lavender: Floral, herbaceous smell. Calming.

Please send us a note of which 3 oils you would like from the list above. 

We hope this kit brings some joy to your time at home!